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SYSBEL’s Cigarette Butts Receptacle

Release Date:2020-08-25

Although the cigarette butt is small, it has great hidden danger. On one hand, the fire accident caused by cigarette butt happened frequently, on the other hand,
throwing the cigarette butt casually on the road will spoil the cityscape and breed bacterium.
Besides, throwing cigarette butts on the road casually will bring more work to the cleaners. We can’t ignore the threats of cigarette butt.

it’s hard to ban smoking in open space, the collection and treatment of cigarette butts are very hard. Cigarette Butts Receptacle are tailored for solving this kind of problems.
Recently, we can see this kind of facilities in many cities. They are installed in various corners of the city. The Cigarette Butts Receptacle can avoid fire accidents.
We should use it properly to take a shelter from the safety threats. 
The Cigarette Butts Receptacle can be applied to the airport, workshop, waiting room, railway station, hotels, office corridor, elevators, etc.  
With the Cigarette Butts Receptacle, the environment will be better.

SYSBEL’s  Cigarette Butts Receptacle is convenient.
1. Made of polyethylene with UV inhibitor and flame-retardant.
2. Long poly tube design restricts oxygen and extinguish burning butts rapidly.
3. Umbrella-shaped covered head keeps water out eliminates heat.
4. Stainless steel connectors which tightly connect the receptacle have rust and corrosion resistance.
5. Included steel pail that collects thousand of unsightly butt.
6. Anti-theft design prevents theft or vandalism padlock is not provided.
7. The bottom is provided with lock holes for anti-theft and destruction of public property (locks are not provided).

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