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Face Shield by SYSBEL

Release Date:2020-06-29
The Face Shield can provide protection for the face and prevent injuries caused by the splash of liquid, spray, dust and particles.It is suitable for disease control and epidemic prevention, dentistry,stomatology equipment cleaning, decoration cleaning,chemical production, and practitioners who need face protection, eye protection, nose and mouth protection.
Product Features:
(1).The shield is made of double-sided anti-fog PET material, colorless and transparent, high light transmission, and long-lasting anti-fog aging.
(2).Large-scale isolation protection close to 180 °, full face protection against liquid and spray.
(3).The face shield is light and thin, and has an elastic structure composed of a skin-friendly sponge and a highly elastic stretch band,which is no longer heavy and comfortable to wear.
(4).The product has the CE certification of the EU Notified Body

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