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What can we learn from Lebanon's explosion

Release Date:2020-08-10
The explosion

At 6 p.m.local time,Tuesday, there was a big explosion accident happened in a harbor of the center of Lebanon's capital, Beirut.
The explosion has already caused 158 deaths and 6000 injuries so far.

According to the notice of government, the explosion was caused by improper storage of  2750 tons ammonium nitrate(AN) in the harbor. 
In the 17th century, AN were mainly used as fertilizer in the agriculture. It is also a very potent explosive.
AN can’t resist high temperature. Due to crash or other situations, AN will cause explosion if part of AN rise to 300 ℃.
AN can combine with any flammable liquid and metal powder to become explosive mixtures. 
From the picture at the scene, the explosion caused a high mushroom cloud in the sky.
According to the data from United States Geological Survey,
the seismic wave produced by the explosion was equivalent to a magnitude 3.3 earthquake. 


Management of hazardous substances are emphasized

Due to the danger and instability of AN, many countries issued strict rules to the management of this kind of hazardous substance.
The storage and transport of hazardous substance must comply to the safety rules strictly.
The president of Lebanon announced that it is unacceptable that 2750 tons AN have been stored in the warehouse
for 6 years without safety measures and management. He promised that he will strictly punished the person in charge.
The explosion in the capital of Lebanon bring the problem of hazardous substance management to the public view.
The management of hazardous substance has become hot topic.
The explosion alerted all around the world that we should pay more attention to the management of hazardous substance.


SYSBEL is a company who always focuses on environment protection and employee safety and health.
SYSBEL attaches great importance to product quality management.
After strict product testing, its products gain EU “CE” certification and FM Approval, etc.
SYSBEL is also the first company to gain TÜV( SE830450)certification in china.
Our products are sold in more than one hundred countries and regions all around the world. 

SYSBEL’s suggestions:

A qualified warehouse of hazardous chemicals
Hazardous substance is flammable, explosive and toxic, it can easily cause fire accidents.
Besides the industries, many universities and labs are also concerned with temporary storage of chemicals and dangerous wastes.
SYSBEL’s walk-in outdoor storage cabinet can meet your needs when you don't have a class A warehouse while
there are many kinds of chemicals in your warehouse.

Hazardous chemicals should be stored separately

Hazardous substances are divided into explosive substances,combustion substances in water,spontaneous combustion substances,inflammable solid,inflammable and combustion-supporting gas ,corrosive substance,oxidizer, etc.
These substances should be stored in separate storehouses and shelves.

/Safety Cabinets
/Safety Storage Cabinets (SE830450)
The safety storage cabinets (SE830450) of SYSBEL passed the strictest fire resistance test of TÜV(SE830450).
During the strictest fire resistance test, after burning for 30 minutes at a high temperature of 1548℉ in the furnace,
the highest temperature of 15 real-rime temperature monitors of SYSBEL safety storage cabinets
are well below the standard temperature of 356℉.Our products meet all the requirements of EN standard.
All the certifications can be checked authenticity on the TÜV Rheinland’s official website through certification number. 

Intelligent safe storage, monitor the inner situation in time

During the hot summer, it’s especially important to keep proper temperature of the inner cabinet.
However, we can’t measure the temperature of every cabinet or lay the cabinets together in the space that has air-conditioner.
The intelligent safety storage cabinets of SYSBEL can help you solve these problems.
You can remotely manage the intelligent safety devices in the whole building, the whole campus and even all over the country
with one click on the cloud, and check the status of each safety point in time,
so that you can control the data immediately and manage all the safety storage cabinets with one click.

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