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SYSBEL participates in the Russian Labor Insurance Exhibition 2019

Release Date:2020-01-03
The 2019 Russian Labor Insurance Exhibition (BIOT 2019) ended successfully on December 13. A total of more than 400 companies participated in the exhibition, including scientific research institutions, and 30 international companies from 18 countries sent representatives to the exhibition. Most of them have applied to participate in the 2020 show. More than 30,000 experts / viewers attended the show.
The Russian Labor Insurance Exhibition is one of the highest-specified and most professional labor insurance exhibitions in Russia. It has received strong support from many government departments, associations, chambers of commerce, media, and industry giants, and has received strong support. These include the European Security Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Union of Consumer Market Participants, the Coordinating Committee of the Russian Entrepreneurs Union, and the All-Russian Institute of Occupational Safety and Labor Economics.
Exhibitors come from Russia, China, Austria, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the United States, Ukraine, France and many other countries. Most of the labor insurance products in Russia come from overseas. The technical level and inferior prices of Chinese labor insurance products are very suitable for the needs of the Russian labor insurance market.
As a brand provider of professional environmental safety, occupational safety products, services and solutions for employees, Sisbert participated in the Russian Labor Insurance Exhibition for the first time and received a lot of attention. The sample categories displayed during the same period attracted the attention of many visitors. . In particular, customers from the chemical, food, construction, agricultural and other industries have shown strong interest in Sisbel's products.
As China and Russia have reached a strategic consensus on building the Belt and Road Initiative with the Eurasian Economic Union, the frequent cooperation between China and Russia has promoted economic interaction between the two sides and also provided a platform for the development of bilateral enterprises. Cispel is willing to use this as an opportunity to show the strength of "Made in China" and to escort more companies and their employees with their own strength.

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