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Hazardous Chemicals Management Control Solution in Health Care Industry-SYSBEL

Release Date:2019-12-04

According to the "Safety Production Law of the People's Republic of China"

1. Each hospital implements the “Hazardous Chemicals Management Regulations” that meet the actual site conditions;

2. The accounts in and out of the account are clear, and the special person is in charge;

3. Control of the source of dangerous goods, according to the physical and chemical properties, classification management, use special storage equipment, and strive for time to rescue and transfer. In case of fire caused by dangerous chemicals, on-site personnel should try their best to control the fire and call the rescue call;

4. Strict operation specifications, implementation of double-double lock management, hazardous chemicals must be managed by the designated staff of the department to prevent unauthorized use, misappropriation, misuse and other irregularities;

5. Fully familiar with and master the toxic, harmful, corrosive, explosive, burning, combustion-supporting properties of hazardous chemicals that are harmful to the human body, facilities and the environment, and pay attention to safe operation to avoid accidents;

6. The use of hazardous chemicals in the department, in case of abnormal use of category adjustment, theft, fire, explosion, etc., should be promptly reported to the Security Department;

7. Flammable, explosive, highly toxic, radioactive reagents should be responsible for special accounts, locks and locks in counters; corrosive, flammable, explosive, chemical reagents should be kept separately from general chemical reagents. All reagents should not be stored in the laboratory;

8. Execution of the hazardous chemicals scrapping system, it is strictly forbidden to use expired, deteriorated, damaged, leaked and other hazardous chemicals, and found that the above situation is reported in a timely manner and unified destruction;

SYSBEL flammable liquid storage cabinet

Customer pain points and existing problem analysis

1. Mixed storage, no classification

2. The concept is wrong, can the chemical storage cabinet be explosion-proof?

3 Storage equipment is not certified and does not meet safety requirements

4. The cabinet is too full, exceeding the amount used in class

5. Closed space

6. The closed cabinet chemical is volatile and has no exhaust

7. No static grounding

8. The label is not clear, there is no matching MSDS file and label

9. The placement position is unreasonable, the scene is messy

10 did not manage the scene through double double lock

SYSBEL safety cabinet

SYSBEL believes that: use the appropriate safety cabinet

1. Ability to safely store chemicals and reduce fire risk

2. Ability to guarantee material rescue time when fire occurs

3 can improve the identification of hazardous chemicals, storage order, storage methods (isolation, separation or separation storage) adaptability

4 Compliance with safe storage cabinets (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.106 & NFPA CODE 30, Hazardous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations, EU CE certification) to ensure safer storage of flammable liquids and chemicals.

5 can improve the convenience of chemicals in the work area nearby

6 door lock system and fireproof and explosion-proof vents help improve fire safety

SYSBEL safety cabinet in Germany

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