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China's first 90 minute TUV certification

Release Date:2020-10-26
China's first 90 minute TUV certification
The first TÜV certification in the field of fireproof cabinets in China was born
On October 23, at the headquarters of TÜV Rheinland Group Asia Pacific and Greater China, a pride in the field of fire storage cabinets for hazardous chemicals in China will be born here.
At 10 am, Zhang Xin, deputy general manager of TÜV Rheinland Asia Pacific and Greater China Industrial Services and Information Security, issued the first TÜV (SE890450) certification for China's 90-minute fire-resistant cabinet to Ms. Yue Ling, CEO of Shanghai Sibel Industrial Technology Co., Ltd.

At the certificate awarding ceremony, Zhang Xin congratulated Sibel’s 90-minute SE890450 fireproof cabinet on passing the TÜV certification. In her speech, she said: “After Sibel’s fireproof cabinet has been burned at a high temperature of 1006℃ for 90 minutes, 15 temperature measurements will be taken in the cabinet. The point temperature is far below the standard requirements, and it has passed the most stringent EN1361 fire resistance test at one time. This is a miracle in the industry. This shows that the company has a very deep technology accumulation and R&D and innovation capabilities in this field. Hope Sibel Continue to lead new technologies and provide more and better security guarantees for global customers."
"First of all, thank TÜV for its professional support in product certification. Since its establishment, Sibel has been committed to the research and development of new products and new technologies. Safety comes from Sibel. We provide professional products and products for environmental safety and employee occupational safety. The original intention of service remains unchanged. In the future, we will continue to cooperate with global certification bodies such as TÜV to provide high-quality hazardous chemicals safety management products and services for major industries." Sibel CEO Ms. Yue Ling took a seat when receiving the certificate The simple words infect every guest present.
Break foreign monopolies and establish a model for China
It is said that there are countless unknown hardships behind the glamour, and the story behind Sisbel's today's results is equally touching.
China has always been a big country in the production and consumption of chemicals, but for a long time, the fire safety cabinets used in the management of hazardous chemicals have not been well developed. This is not only because there are a large number of non-compliant metal cabinets on the market, but also because the awareness of hazardous chemical safety management personnel is not strong enough, but also because China's complete fire safety cabinet industry has not really formed, let alone its own core technology.
   In the social environment at that time, it was very difficult for Sibel, which was founded in 2003, to promote fire safety cabinets and popularize the awareness of hazardous chemicals management among safety managers. “At that time, there was no company in China that made safety cabinets for hazardous chemicals. It was not that they didn’t want to do it, or they didn’t know how to do it. There was no reference standard in China. Also, even if you made a safety cabinet with reliable quality and superior fire resistance, who How about buying your product? At that time, many corporate security officers did not know about this type of product." When it came to the development of the entire industry, Sybel founder Ye Yongmao was full of emotion. But it was in that environment that Sispel was born like a grass in a stone crack.
   When Ye Yongmao was investigating foreign markets in 2003, he saw rows of fire safety cabinets in their factories, and his sharp sense of smell immediately made him excited. The fire safety cabinet project team came into being not long after returning home. In that relatively impetuous era, companies are more concerned about cost saving, rapid development, and rapid accumulation of capital. No one pays too much attention to hazardous chemicals and safety issues caused by hazardous chemicals. Therefore, the difficulty of project progress can be imagined. And know.
The greater difficulty and resistance lies in the fact that China did not have the technology for fire safety cabinets, not to mention that there were companies that could produce fire safety cabinets. "If China does not have fireproof cabinet technology, then learn from the United States and Europe. China has the world's largest market. One day we can make our own products." We can imagine Ye Yongmao's determination when he said this. . The United States is a good example of the safety management system in the world. Ye Yongmao arranged for his team to study and study related foreign laws and regulations day and night, and study similar products that are leading in the international industry.
The fear of anything in the world is true. God rewards hard work. In 2008, Sisbel’s own fire safety cabinets finally came out, opening a precedent for Chinese companies to develop and produce fire safety cabinets, breaking the long-term monopoly of foreign products in the Chinese market. This incident has greatly affected the Chinese fire safety cabinet industry. Said it has an important milestone.
Arm yourself with high international standards
When the time came to 2014, Sisbel had been in the field of fire safety cabinets for more than ten years and became a qualified veteran. It has more than 12,600 users and more than 180 partners all over the world. , Product sales cover more than 100 countries and regions including Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, North and South America. What's more gratifying is that the safety fireproof cabinet developed by the company passed the American FM certification for the first time in China, setting a new record in the field of safety cabinets in China.
Although Sibel took the lead in developing the Chinese own fire safety cabinet, it was the first to obtain the American authority certification, creating epoch-making records one after another. However, Ye Yongmao is very clear about his direction and pursuit. He gave the technicians a higher task: to develop products with higher fire protection levels in accordance with European standards.
We all know that Europe's requirements for fire safety cabinets are generally higher than those of the United States or Asia, especially in Germany, where the requirements for fire resistance are mostly 90 minutes. To develop such high-grade refractory cabinets and challenge the most difficult products in the industry, the technical engineers of Sispell have also taken many detours. Because many thoughts have been spent on the selection of refractory materials to research, compare and test, many of the core components in the cabinet cannot be found in China and need to be purchased and customized overseas. At the same time, it has to avoid international patents and form its own core technology. Of intellectual property products. After nearly two years of research and development, the R&D team finally made the product, but new problems came again. There is no similar product in China, there is no industry standard, and the domestic testing agency has never touched this product. Who can Is the product certified?
Without professional certification, it means that there is no market recognition. Even if the product is really good, it can only be boasted by Wang Po selling melons. Sibel R&D members have found many internationally renowned certification agencies, and the uniform response they got is: they can't test! More than a year later, by chance, TÜV Rheinland, founded in 1872, was willing to try to test and certify the Sibel fire safety cabinet. The test results are very smooth, everything seems to be the same as the R&D staff expected. In the most stringent EN1361-1 fire resistance test test, after the SE890450 refractory cabinet of Sisbel burned for 90 minutes at a high temperature of 1006℃, the maximum temperature of the 15 temperature measurement points in the cabinet was far lower than the standard requirements, meeting EU standards EN14470-1:2004 standards and testing requirements.
This time, Sibel succeeded again, standing on the commanding heights of the fire safety cabinet with a higher international standard.
The future of fireproof cabinets
For Sibel's R&D engineers, they have never stopped pursuing and exploring high-standard fire protection technology. Recently, they are working with the fire protection experts of the National Key Laboratory of Disaster Prevention in the development and trial production of China's highest-level fire protection cabinets that can withstand fire for several hours.
When talking about the outlook and development direction of the future fireproof cabinet industry, Michael, the product research and development manager of Sisbel, believes that “at the national level, blood-free GDP has been proposed over the years, so safety requirements and supervision are also increasing. The higher. This puts forward higher requirements for the standard management of the industry and the implementation of laws and regulations, and the standards for responding to fire safety cabinets will also be higher. For our company, challenges and opportunities coexist. Our products must meet At the same time of compliance, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the contents in the cabinet to the greatest extent. In the event of danger, leave enough time for the on-site staff to escape and leave enough time for the firefighters to dispose of, so as to ensure the safety of the entire environment and the safety of personnel. In the future, we believe that how to combine the Internet of Things technology with fire safety cabinets to make the storage of dangerous goods safer and more convenient should be the direction of our thinking and research."
Technology is always changing with each passing day. It is believed that Sibel's engineers can make good use of the intelligent Internet of Things technology to make it better serve the field of fire safety cabinets, just as they believed that they would be the first to pass FM certification and TÜV certification.
About Sibel
Sibel is the world's leading provider of environmental safety and employee occupational safety solutions. Its three brands, sysbel®, wellguard®, and sysbery®, are dedicated to providing safety services in the fields of hazardous chemical safety, industrial safety, and laboratory safety. As the first company in China to obtain FM certification from the United States and TüV certification from Germany (SE830450), Sisbel holds dozens of patent certificates and has been recognized as a "national high-tech enterprise" for three consecutive times. During the period, it cooperated with many domestic universities and research institutes. The institute has carried out cooperation in production, education and research. Products are widely used in biomedicine, education and scientific research, industrial manufacturing, food, electronics, environmental protection, public medical and other industries.

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