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Congratulations to the SYSBEL 90-minute safety cabinet SE890450 for winning China's first TÜV certification

Release Date:2020-09-21
Nowadays, facing more and more dangerous chemicals, how to store them safely? How to reduce the occurrence of fire accidents? The protection of personal and equipment safety has become an urgent problem that needs to be solved. In some specific environments, such as remote, high-value product environments,
Every second is important when evacuating the fire. It is necessary to allow the maximum time for rescuers. It is important to isolate these flammable products and achieve a higher level of protection in the event of a fire.

Independent innovation to build a benchmark enterprise in China
   Recently, the SE890450 fire-resistant safety storage cabinet of Sisbel has passed the most rigorous fire resistance test on site by the most authoritative testing organization. In the most rigorous EN1363-1 fire test test, after 90 minutes of high temperature (1006℃) combustion in the furnace,
The maximum temperature of the 15 real-time temperature monitoring points in the Sibel (SE890450) fire-resistant safety storage cabinet is far lower than the standard requirement of 180°C. And it has met and passed the various standards and testing requirements of the European standard EN 14470-1:2004. Won the first German TÜV certification in China!
●The cabinet is made of high-strength steel plate, which is easy to clean, scratch-resistant and impact-resistant.
● During normal use, the cabinet door can be opened or closed manually; if a fire occurs and the temperature reaches 122°F (50°C), the built-in fuse connection system will work, and the open cabinet door will automatically close to protect Store items in the cabinet.
●Ventilation holes comply with EN14470-1 regulations. The vent baffle will automatically close at 158°F (70°C) in a fire environment.
●Reflective warning labels in multiple languages, and the label specification conforms to the ISO 3864 international standard.
●Comply with EN 14470-1 and comply with NFPA30 and OSHA regulations.
●The bottom of the cabinet is equipped with adjustable leveling feet.

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