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SYSBEL Successfully Attends The 94th China International Occupational Safety﹠Health Goods Expo

Release Date:2017-09-20

                                    SYSBEL successfully attends the 94th China International Occupational Safety﹠Health Goods.  
                                    As a professional manufacturer of chemical storage cabinetsoil containment drum spill control pallets、emengercy portable eye
                          wash station,SYSBELpromote some new products in the exhibition,include gas cylinder storage cabinets、spill containment pallet、
                          corrosive substance、storage cabinet、safety storage cabinetschemical storage cabinetsflammable liquid storage、hazardous
                          storage cabinets、laboratory safety cabinetsspill preventionspill containmentsecondary containmentspill containment kits
                          spill control kitseye wash station、safety shower、eye wash solution、emengercy portable eye wash station and so on.we push out 
                          an activity named “buy one get one free " and have atrracted a lot of people come here and inquiry for more information.This activity will
                          last until mid-may,welcome you  contact the regional sales manager by email or call4008-94-8808 directly.
                                   Our safety products are widely used in automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, laboratory, food industry,
                          power industry, new energy and other fields. We have been recognized by customers with good performance and high quality service . 

                         We hope to be able to work together with the majority of dealers and like-minded friends.


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