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How to judge the quality of a spill pallet?

As the spill pallet is a safety protection products, so the quality of their own reliability is very important. 1, The situations of spill pallet manufacturers . Is it a professional manufacturer? Is there a design, production, product deve...

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How to Respond to The Five Major Dangerous Sources in Summer--SYSBEL

First, fire-proof 1, hot summer, high temperatures. In the chemical production area, flammable, explosive, volatile raw materials more. For example: ethanol, dichloroethane and other low boiling point, are volatile substances. In the hot su...

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SYSBEL Safety Storage Cabinets Flammable Liquids

SYSBEL safety cabinets are widely used in automotive manufacturing, petrochemical, industrial manufacturing, laboratory, food industry,power industry, new energy and other fields. We have been recognized by customers with good performance an...

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SYSBEL Poly Spill Pallet,You Deserve to Have

SYSBEL supply high quality spill control products, protect for the employees and environment. We have various models for your choice....

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The Global University Choose Laboratory Equipment From SYSBEL

September 2016 Shanghai Jiaotong University to improve the current laboratory project on the dangerous goods cabinet procurement and installation project (package one: organic solvent cabinet (fire safety cabinet) + cylinder cabinet) tender,...

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SYSBEL Oil Waste Can Reach A Real Protection

As we all know that in everyday life garbage waste is ubiquitous and besides hazardous waste, it is more hazardous waste. For example, in the industrial manufacturing industry, many laboratories in schools involve a lot of waste, while haza...

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SYSBEL "Cylinder Cabinet" + "Safety Cabinet" successfully settled in Shanghai Jiaotong Univer

Recently, domestic colleges and universities laboratory frequent accidents, the security situation can not be ignored. January 10, 2016 at noon Beijing University of Science and Technology Building, a laboratory suddenly caught fire, fortun...

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